Monday, March 17, 2008

On Dating A Younger Men

If you were my close friend, you would know that I’m not exactly flexible. In fact, I tend to be very opinionated, judgmental and sarcastic. (Having put this down on paper, I suddenly find myself wondering how I’m so fortunate to have so many friends.)

Recently, one of my dear girlfriends met a man that she really likes. However, she wasn’t sure how our immediate group of friends would react to the fact that her beau is 10 years her junior. Fortunately, she confided in me before getting all stressed out about the relationship. My reaction to her situation surprised even me.

At age 20, I would have been shocked. At 30, I might have felt a bit apprehensive. But at 41, I think it’s phenomenal!

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In the previous century (also known as the dating Dark Ages), a 10-year difference would have constituted a serious hurdle for those in the relationship. It would also have stirred up plenty of disapproval from those outside it. But come on, people, this is the 21st century! Why should a 10-year age gap be a big deal?

I think it’s wonderful when a man is attracted to a woman for all the right reasons. If a 30-year old successful, educated male is interested in a 40-year old woman who is beautiful, versatile, funny, sharp and successful, what’s wrong with that?

Why is it that all of us have to live by the rules? Why do we need to explain our actions or defend ourselves when we are in love or in lust? Why do we have to be just like everyone else? Why do we have to constantly conform to what society expects of us?

h3. The beauty of being fabulously forty is that we don’t!

Who cares what our neighbors think? Or what our ex-mother in law gossips about? And the women at the gym need something to salivate about, don’t they? You’re both adults, and as long as the relationship is based on love, respect and trust, it doesn’t matter how big the age gap might be.

The truth is, this is your life, and it’s your responsibility to live it and enjoy the heck out of it. So the next time you start to get stressed out about a situation that doesn’t fall into the typical “norm,” forget about analyzing it and trying to accommodate everyone around you. Instead, do what feels right for you and “go for the gusto!”

After all, if you don’t make yourself happy, who will?

Join us at Fabulously40 as we embark on our journey to the BEST part of our lives.

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