Monday, March 17, 2008

Life's Embarassing Moments

Our house is always full of teenagers.

Every child has at least two to three close friends. Our house is always ear piercing as all of them show up for dinners, lunches, or just to vegetate out on our couch. Multiply that by four of our own kids, and the numbers become significant.

Having so many teens with a healthy appetite, I always make sure to have enough food on the table and in the fridge to keep them from eating junk food. Every night when we sit down to dinner we usually have enough food to feed ten to twelve people. However, last night we ran out of food. My son was mortified. He couldn’t believe how that was possible that people showed up and we didn’t have “enough food.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said: “That’s what happens when nine more people show up for dinner unexpectedly.” My son responded that he was still embarrassed.

If he thought that was embarrassing, I have another story to tell you.

emarasing moments

It was a hot summer night. Our oldest daughter who occupies the bedroom downstairs was visiting her friend in college. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning thinking how hot it was. Our air-conditioning unit recently broke upstairs and I decided to go downstairs to our air-conditioned first floor to sleep in my daughter’s bedroom. As I opened her door I saw a silhouette of my son who was sleeping in her bed. I found It amusing that he too was hot and decided to come downstairs. With eyes half closed, I was about to get in bed next to him as the next door opened and my other daughter appeared dressed for work. She asked me why I was downstairs, I told her that I’ll be sleeping with her brother in our daughters bed because it was too hot upstairs.. She told me that her brother was sound asleep in his own bed, and what I saw in my daughter’s bed was his best friend who was spending the night.

I saw my daughter’s expression change as she saw my face twitch. She saw my eyes open widely and have the look of a mad woman staring back at her. The thought that I almost got in bed with my son’s best friend was beyond anything I could comprehend.

Now this can be told as a joke at a gathering or looked back as one of life’s close-call embarrassing
moments. However, at the time I wasn’t laughing.

I was just grateful for my hardworking daughter who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

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